Hair Crush Monday ! Temitope Ogundeji

temi 14

It’s Monday! And the premiere natural hair queen in today’s “Hair Crush” spotlight is Temitope Ogundeji, a 24 year old Nigerian girl in diaspora who began her natural hair journey in 2012.

temi 6

In one of her posts chronicling her journey she confessed that cutting her hair in school  when she did had little to do with going natural at the time but had everything to do with her mother who was as at then undergoing chemotherapy from cancer . Her mother who later passed on from the disease was going through a lot and that she couldn’t deal with it. Cutting her hair had been Temi’s  way of expressing her grief over the tragedies at the time,

temi 9

She postponed re-torching her hair as the years went by and decided against it totally after she noticed her hair actually grew better in it’s natural state.

She had this to say about her hair story, in one of her posts on Instagram;

 “…2012 this was about 4 months into my natural hair journey, I lived in wash n gos and Bantu knots
2014 I loved this length and I thought it was huge and also thought it most likely wouldn’t grow any bigger because when I was relaxed my hair always grew to a certain length and stopped. So I thought this was the case with my natural hair.. Boy was I wrong.

2015 I’m amazed at how big my hair is, I don’t have no problems with breakage and at this point braidouts and twistout  are my best friend
I’ve always said the key to great hair is low manipulation.. Stop bothering your hair all the time. Leave it alone. And if you are going to do #protectivestyles make sure you are doing it correctly and don’t leave it in too long ….”

temi 2

This throwback photo below of her (left) in her early teens show she had re-torched hair in her growing years but her hair  could never achieve as this much length and volume as it has achieved now as she’s gone au naturale.

temi 8

The length and curls on this naturalista now are a sight to behold!

temi 4

And yes it’s all her hair!

temi 5

See more photos of her and her wondrous mane below:

temi 3

temi 13

temi 7

temi 11

With Shampooing + conditioning + constant moisturizing ( oiling & creaming) + bantu twists/knots + protective styling (braids, plaits, etc) minus hair relaxer, she has managed to grow a super healthy mass of lush Afro curly goddess hair.

temi 10

temi 12

What’s your hair story? Share with us! Write a short profile of you and your hair journey with relevant pics and E-mail to africanistablog

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