Boho Chic 101: Slayer’s Guide

The Boho Chic look is a classic which never goes out of fashion. There is no vogue or out of vogue with going Boho.

Inspired by a plethora of  ethnic cultural styles from  Eurocentric bohemian Gypsies, North American Indians,  ancient Persians to African tribal nomads like the Masai and the Fulanis..

This look has been a definite choice for generations for those willing to capture the essence of their earthy, free spirited side. Some rock it always, while some choose it sometimes. Nothing brings out your hidden Gypsy like the Boho style. It effortlessly reflects ones mystical, creative and artistic self as well a great sense of adventure.

Here is a quick guide to slaying the look:

  1. Keep your scarves and shawls handy

boho 22

There are a billion and 1 ways you can use a scarf or a shawl to Boho shimmer.

boho 5

As a shoulder draping

boho 4

As a waist belt

boho 28

As a head band or wrap

boho 19

Print scarves and shawls always work best for that vintage ethnic feel…

2. Accessorize

Keep your beads colourful!

boho 2

Beautify your arms with bangles or bracelets.

boho 35

boho 26

Anklets, waist beads, ringed fingers and toes are all boho chic!

boho feet

Try out head piece accessories too…

boho head band

boho head piece

3. You are boho chic if you love flowing skirts, print blouses, embroidered denims and shredded jeans

boho afro skirt

boho 25

boho jeans

boho 3

4. You know you are boho chic to the bone when you love henna, a transient body art, the northern Africanistas already know their patterns.

Temporary, artsy and earthy…


5. Your range of footwear; flat  shoes and sandals

Bohemian style jewelled shoes, rhine stone decorated sandals are certainly an earthy girl’s favorite, but when she gets on heels , it’s embroidered snicker boots, velvet high ankle boots, jewelled stilettos, gladiator themed  sandals, stilettos or  wedges, heeled platforms tipped with art and ethnic themed leather.

boho slippers

boho shoes

boho gladiator

So many ways to rock the boho look from central bohemian, celtic inspired and fused with the afrocentric…

boho arie

Stay inspired!

boho 18

boho 21

boho 24

boho 30

boho 13

boho 33

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  1. petra says:

    I’ve always liked this style of dressing.


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