Curvy Fashion: Best Styles For Plus Size Ladies

So you gained a few pounds and your clothes no longer fit making you wonder if you are about to become a fashion disaster?

Fear not, my royal plumpness!

Even as you work on your weight better love yourself while at it.

Reject the self hate and put downs for they will get you nowhere. Ignore the magazine definition of beauty which projects “thin ” standards. Skeletons are not sexy!

Tip 1: Hide the bulges, flatter the curves

Tip 2: Invest in clothes that fit .

Tip 3: Strut your street style with confidence for your hips, butt cheeks and jugs will always turn heads. You are more beautiful than you know.

Take a cue from these plus sized beauties. If they can pull it off, oh yes you can!

Here are styles for plus sized Africanistas as channeled by photos below:


plus 1plus 2plus 3plus 4plus 7plus 9plus 10plus 11plus 12plus 13plus 14plus 15plus 16plus 17plus 18plus 19plus 20plus 21plus 22plus size 23


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love this blog!

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    1. Africanista says:

      I appreciate the love! Thanks a lot.


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