Emergency Hair Care: 3 Ways You Can Prevent Your Hair Ends From Breakage


Bare and beautiful


It’s the harmattan season and the draught-ridden, desert winds are cold and merciless.

Now you can keep the harsh effects off your natural hair with these 3 hot tips:

hair strand 2

Keep your ends well moisturized – Not with just water. Water evaporates and must be sealed into the hair. I find that using a butter based moisturizer (with water as the first ingredient), helps keep my ends very soft and moisturized. While you want to moisturize your entire head of hair (how often depends on your hair type and needs), you want to pay special focus to the ends. You can moisturize your ends only right after styling your hair and still maintain your ‘do. Simply, apply the moisturizer to your hands and scrunch it in.


hair model 8

Keep your ends sealed with a heavy oil – JBCO (Jamaican Black Castor Oil) is my favorite with Thirsty Roots Apricot Castor Oil following closely behind. I don’t care to seal the entire length of my strands with castor oil but for the ends, it’s thick enough to keep them nice and clumped together. Remember, there’s strength in numbers!


Tuck them away– Aside from hiding your ends away in buns and other pin up-dos, if you are rocking twist outs or braid outs, a great way to protect your ends from breakage while maintaining the style is to re-twist/re-braid all of the hair loosely into one (or two) twists/braids and then take the ends of the twist/braid and tuck it up into the twist/braid.


hair model 4






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