Hottest Trending Make Up Styles And Colors That Ruled 2015

When it comes to eye make up, the ancient Egyptian inspired “Cat’s Eye” ruled this year.

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2015 also witnessed a rise in strong lip and nail color palettes like indigo, violet, blue and purple.

purple 3


A year ago, many ladies would have cringed at the thought of rocking hot violet lips , royal purple or even bluish lipstick but then 2015 came with all it’s dos and dares.

And we all awoke to the reality of the beauty of these colors especially when applied in the right shade and quantity.


purple lips  purple 2


It has been a bold year and the ladies were not afraid to get their lips coated in turquoise  or navy blue.

green lips


Indigo and violet came , coated and conquered…


violetlips 3

And then one bold color just wasn’t enough so we sometimes played with more than one creating varying ombre lip shades.

We rocked ’em and  those who knew the art of perfection, slayed ’em…

ombre 3

Demand created more supply…


And the nails just had to go with the flow…


Even the hair was not left out in the purple rain!


So it’s official my Africanistas , the color purple rocked and ruled 2015.

Any questions?



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