Curve Crush Wednesday: Say Hello To M.s. Kwamboka!

Caution: Dangerous curves pending..

Kenyan law graduate, socialite and plus sized model, Corazon Kwamboka has a bit of a bad-girl-don’t-give-a-frock image but she makes no apologies.

corazon_kwamboka_stargist (1).jpg


Young curvaceous Corazon Kwamboka rose to  fame after  photos of her flammable physique emerged on cyber space around 2014.

corazon 5.jpg

Discovered by Kevin Bbou of Bouart photography, she became an overnight sensation leaving a trail of drool and a gibber of wags everywhere her photos went.



The voluptuous, fun loving, sultry beauty studied law in the University Of Nairobi and graduated with a Second Class Upper .

corazon 6

“I have always been a smart student since childhood. I actually scored an A at Lwak Girls High school,” she says. Corazon claims she was so smart that a local research company hired her when she was only 17 years old.

corazon 7


Born in Uganda, Kwamboka grew up in Kisumu and only came to Nairobi in 2008 when she was admitted to the University of Nairobi’s Law school.

corazon 12.jpg

During her growing years, the teenage Corazon who was raised in Bondo, Kenya was often  bullied by her colleagues in high school because of her extreme curves.

corazon 4.jpg

In an interview with a media house, she reveals:

“I even tried to shed weight to avoid the bullying but it did not just work, my curves are natural.” 

The bullying helped her to develop thick skin and know how to deal with the obvious stares she gets when walking in the streets.

But what was treated as a body flaw has become and awesome strength plus a trump card for pay checks.

She admitted that she makes her money by modelling apart from the financial support she gets from her father.

Her penchant for visual sensuality have landed her another title as not just Kenya’s queen of curves but Nairobi’s princess of controversy.


The plus sized model is not worried that her semi nude photos might jeopardize her law profession pursuits as she is planning on majoring in Entertainment Law which is still a grey area in Kenya. : “I’m very good at what I do. I currently do consultancy for respectable clients that I cannot reveal.” The soft spoken, bootylicious model admits she put up her snaps online after an impromptu photo shoot with Kevin Bbou. “I had just gone to the studio to meet a friend when I decided to do the photo shoot. I was shocked by the buzz they generated, but I will not take advantage of it,” she says.


Many have touted her semi nude photos as sheer provocative, dare devilry but she regards it  as  her own way of promoting self-confidence, and encouraging plus size women to be confident with their bodies. “I could have modeled with my clothes on, many may argue, but then again tha’s my style. ” she said.


Corazon makes no apologies certainly for her body , for her perfections and  imperfections. She is the laid back gal who sees herself as a work in progress and doesn’t give in to societal down talks albeit she’s got issues.

And who doesn’t!


“The pictures I took were not for publicity stunts and I know when people get to know me better they will see the type of person I am”.

corazon 1.jpg

Well, whether you her call her naughty or nice, one thing is for sure though.

She’s got it!


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