Lights, Camera, Formation! Itaysha…



Magic happens, when Itaysha Jordan holds the camera.

As told by The Curvy Fashionista:

“I’m very technical and involved,” says Jordan. “Skin, lighting, form: I like everything to be balanced. It’s just an innate natural thing that comes across.”

Jordan also brought up that her style has been described as looking very European which is an aesthetic she says she does both subconsciously and naturally.

“I went through that whole period of people not expecting that kind of work to come from me; like I as an artist didn’t look like the work that I do,” says Jordan. “I deal with people saying, ‘you shot that?’ It’s kind of rude. In the back of my mind, I’m thinking, ‘what am I supposed to look like and what were you expecting?’ Being a black female photographer that works commercially is not the norm. Just being this big, robust woman who does these high fashion images. You’re supposed to be old and French and wrinkled.”

While she’s known for shooting women of color and plus size women, she’s quick to point out that she shoots images of everyone which is something that has made her unique in the fashion industry.

“People are looking for niche but my niche is definitely people,” says Jordan. “I can shoot the most hood rapper and the next day I can be shooting something very high fashion. I have a very wide range comfortably and I don’t feel like I’m pushing myself. It’s a gift that I’m able to relate to my subjects in all areas.”

As a plus size woman, it’s no surprise to me that Jordan is the photographer responsible for Monif C’siconic 2015 Guyana Swim Collection swimwear campaign featuring size 18+ model Olivia Campbell and a lot of other amazing work for Monif C.


She also shot Ebony’s July 2015 curvy swimwear editorial that described as “probably the best plus size swimsuit spread EVER.”


And for a person whose client list includes a list of celebrities including Solange Knowles and Taraji P. Henson, Jordan is quite reported to be down to earth and humble herself.  Jordan started photography at the age of 15, she studied it in college and she’s been working commercially in New York for 11 years. But she doesn’t consider herself to have made it; not yet.

“I still consider myself trying to make it, whatever “make it” means,” says Jordan. “I’m trying to define, ‘what is the definition of success?’ right now. I appreciate personal projects now more. Professionally, I’ve been doing this for 11 years. I feel as though there was a point where I was kind of burnt out and I was doing only jobs. And I realized I need to always be creating so I’m trying to do even more personal projects.”

One of her popular iconic shots is that of celebrity mom Ms. Tina Knowles Lawson for the July 2015 cover shoot for Ebony Magazine.


But then there is something about the  anatomy that sizzles underneath Itaysha’s lenses that mere words cannot simply define.

Whether carved out of cream, caramel or chocolate, Jordan and her camera keeps the tones real,  graphic and elegantly captured.




I love the way she captured the aura of black female sensuality in these photos below. The strength, vivacity and the pure nurturing role communicated is indeed something to behold.




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