Trending Footwear! From Bali With Love: Jewelry Inspired Sandals By Mystique

A  company in the Indonesian Island of Bali called Mystique, has in it’s array of footwear lines glamorous handmade sandals for women.

According to Your Next Shoes, they now offer 300 styles that are handmade and made to order. It all began in  1999, by the couple Yamin Levy and his wife, Dorien.

All the sandals are designed by Dorien and made in small family-run factories that are working exclusively for Mystique.

They started with three simple styles that immediately sold out, and the rest is history.

From minimalist and modern to bold and flashy, the foundation of each sandal is a 100 percent leather sole and lined in suede. The gems are imported from Europe, each one sewn on by hand to create jewel-embellished sandals that are perfect for every occasion.

Bask in the glitter of these exquisite gemstone crafted pieces:









Yup! I wouldn’t mind some gold or diamonds on my feet. Don’t know about you?

*side grin*

What do you think?




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  1. yoshia says:

    i would like to order some of your sandals but your site dont give me the option to buy,

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    1. Africanista says:

      Hey, Yoshia thanks a whole lot for the interest in the lovely pieces I featured. To place an order you may have to visit the parent site of the manufacturers @


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