Oh! It’s Maki – What It Means To Be A Black Woman As Defined By Maki Oh’s Fall 2016 Collection



What does it mean to be a black woman?

Well, here’s how Maki Oh answered the question!

Inspired by the popular Nigerian exclamatory expression “Enh” , daring fashion designer: Amaka Osakwe creator of the Maki Oh clothing brand delved into all that magic and drama of African womanhood via the Nigerian female portrait in varying shades. 

“Enh”! A  simple expression which carries a wealth  of meanings depending on the usage, from noisy streets to plush offices and cushy homes. A word which holds a plethora of dimensions beyond the 3 letters and can only be understood via whatever emotions that ejects it.

The complexity of a  word became a vehicle of inspiration unveiling the complexity of being a black African woman in the today’s world.

The drama in these pieces innovatively captures the battle of the black woman to rule beyond self restrictive dimensions and angle towards the affirmations of her intrinsic magic and beauty. The race against societal tags and definitions. Her journey towards self in  every daily waking.

Maki Oh’s Fall 2016 collection explores womanism from an Afro-centered perspective, celebrating  feminine nuances, mannerisms and  expressiveness and  she has shown that she is not afraid to delve into uncharted  terrains.

We can see a lot of soul in every creation and in each design has character, as though emotions came to life in prints, geometric patterns, abstract art forms and even chrome colored palettes.

What do you think?

View more of her creation below:


Photo Credits:

Photography: @sushi_oh

Model: Dami @fewmodels

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