Fitness Tips And Fashion Tricks: How To Tone Your Waistline And Widen Your Hips

One of the greatest challenges of Apple bottomed ladies is that seemingly daunting task of balancing your upper body with your lower body frame. If you are an Apple, you tend to look top-heavy with wider shoulders and bigger bosoms. Apple shaped girls with smaller jugs, usually have widened shoulders and a tendency for more fat deposits on the arms.

And as for tube figured damsels, the problem seems to be how to define that waistline. Tubes have a lower tendency for weight gain yet they appear more straight in profile.

While narrowing the waist line comes with shedding weight, expanding ones hips is a different whole ball game together.

Curvaceousness may be an end to some who are born with it while to others a journey.  Pear shaped dames who add weight via the hips seem to have too much of it and Hour glasses that have struck the balance with fat more evenly distributed from top heavy to down heavy while still maintaining a defined waist.

If you however, want to enhance your body shape and make the most of it, certain style notes must be taken in order to simply shine in your daily attire.

Here’s how, you can widen your hips. No nip tuck suck. No artificial padding. Just good old fitness tips and fashion tricks.


Fitness Tips

Side Lunges: Try side lunges using a pair of dumbbells



Side Leg raising: Lay on your side on the floor and lift your legs up and down 20 times and turn on your next side to repeat format.


Squats: With your thighs farther apart take 20 squats



Sitting: Who would have thought that simply sitting on your butt  alone can widen your hips without much ado. You can get bigger hips (and a larger derriere) by simply sitting. According to a study published in the journal Cell Physiology, researchers determined that the pressure placed on the buttocks and hips from too much sitting can generate significant fat build-up in those areas. Like seriously…




Fashion Tricks

Wear outfits that emphasize the hip area: If your hips are smaller in proportion to the weight on your upper body then you need to alter you wardrobe with outfits that create the look of down heavy fullness.

Preplum skirts, gowns and blouses do this so well.





Try cinching a belt or sash on a preplum top/gown or an A-line dress to create that perfect wider hip appearance thereby balancing your upper body size with your lower body.



Fish tail skirts and gowns also create the same waist thinning and hip widening illusion



And Preplum tail gowns too…



High waist pants also do wonders for the hips!



Especially when they are skinny pants or bell bottoms!


So now you know…


Add extra detail to your hip area: Make your waist and hip line a point of attention when dressing up.


While a belt or a sash around your waist can cinch it into a thinner look , a belt around over your hips however can accentuate curves you never knew existed.


So what’s your favorite fashion trick and fitness tip?


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