Commanding Respect With A Shoulder Scarf As Designed By Nana Yaw

Ghanaian designer Nana Yaw has left no stones unturned in taking the art of scarving to a whole new level.

Using  Kente, Ankara and a host of other  fabrics, the most intricately fascinating designs emerge from Nana Yaw’s creations.

There is something inexplicably stylish about draping a scarf over one’s shoulders in the manners depicted by the models you are about to witness.

It commands respect and yes power!

They say dress how you want to be addressed and nothing portrays an astute, self -effacing, accomplished look like shoulder scarving worn like these.

However, the better quality of the scarf, the more dignifying the aura of confidence around the wearer.

View Nana Yaw’s designs below and visit the website under credits to shop:


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  1. I love love love these scarves! Glad I stumbled upon your blog!

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    1. Africanista says:

      Gracias! I appreciate!

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