How To Make A Strong Power Statement Wearing Soft Colours

Some folks still believe that power dressing must involve strong, dark or pale colours like black, dark brown, grey and beige, oxblood red and perhaps a purple so dark you can literally feel shadows all around ’em.

Well, sorry to burst your bubble folks, power dressing has evolved. Especially for women.

It doesn’t have to be all beige and grey all year.

You don’t have to work in dark shades just to look corporate. Neither do you have to dress constantly in the colors of an undertaker just because you want to appear serious  enough for office duty.

Neither do you have to dress like a man just because you want to be respected as the top lady in charge of the department.

Soft colors are usually societal pointers to femininity and referred to as girly and weak. Darker colors are often directed towards masculinity as manly and strong.

These are however parochial views but that’s a topic for another post.

Many women often feel the societal pressure to prove themselves over and over again both in demeanor and style just to prove to the work force that they are more than capable of leading.


Don’t be afraid to show your femininity in a male dominated business setting by wearing the colors that you love.

The good news is, you can still be  female and still command a presence of authority in luminous colors like, pink!

Yup! Pink. Don’t flinch.

I know you all heard that lighter shades are a no-no for corporate seriousness. Some even have the opinion that floral decorated outfits are out of the question.

Well, they were not exactly right.

Fashion is dynamic . The rules keep changing.

Remember that movie classic: Legally Blonde were Reese Witherspoon slayed the lead role as a feisty attorney who made her mark. She definitely was a symbol of legal seriousness in her flashy pink suits, well almost…


But here’s how you can do it right. Here’s how you wear colors like peach, light green , pink,  turquoise blue even yellow and escape being seen as a corporate fashion disaster.


  1. Don’t scream the soft colors, tone them.

Wear  your soft colors in their stronger shades. Your Pink for instance should be worn in  in shades like magenta, fuschia, rouge etc.

Baby pink might be too loud so stick to toned shades of pink. Instead of resplendent orange , you can wear  peach as that is a stronger hybrid of orange. Lilac , violet , mauve and all shades of purple are good to go. Even in lighter shades purple seems toned.



.2.  Wear your accessories in contrasting darker or paler shades.

For instance a torquoise blue corporate gown should be paired with a black bag and matching black shoes for instance. Earings and necklaces should also be in darker or neutral shades. Otherwise golden or silver colors work well.

On the contrary you can use some print accessories to lighten up what would have been a predictable corporate palette.





3. Thou shalt not color block in office wear.

Always Combine light colored corporate blouses, shirts, suits or blazers with dark or pale colored pants or skirts and vice versa. Don’t wear different loud shades all at once as it takes the shine out of being taken seriously in the corporate world. The rainbow look does not work for power dressing but this does…




If you are wearing your suit in a uniform soft color then you need darker accessories and shoes. But if the suit or shirt is in a different color ensure that you do not pair too light contrasting top and bottoms together. If one part of the combo is a bright palette then the other has to be pale or dull color. There has to be a balance between, bright and dull, soft and strong.






4. Combine floral outfits or multi colored shirts with darker pants, blazers or skirts.

What better way to harden the garden than with a block of bold color !


5. Take your femininity to the office, but not your sensuality.

Revealing clothing certainly does take away the seriousness out of a sit down delegation.You want your male colleagues or employees to stay focused on your instructions, not your jugs. You have already portrayed in your corporate style that you are not ashamed of your femininity. Don’t take the revelation a provocative step further than that.

And now for the final but but not the least!

6. Maintain a carriage of feminine grace & confidence.

Exuding authority does not have to be testosterone arrogance. Your Estrogen is powerful enough to earn you the respect you deserve. You already look the part. So keep that Tiara on Queen and don’t forget the woman that you are.


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Marilyn Presley says:

    Nothing glam about skin tight pants.


    1. Africanista says:

      Thanks a lot for taking time out to read & comment. I truly appreciate your candid personal opinion. Tastes are different. I am sure you’d find something more compatible with your fashion style in the post. There are so many other soft/strong corporate outfit combinations in the article asides from the pants.


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