Ose! Ofuure By Tehilah’s Graceful Swim Wear Statement

There is something classy and elegant about  Ofuure by Tehilah’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection, ‘Ose’.

The  budding young designer, 20-year-old Tehilah Abakasanga from Akwa Ibom State, Southern Nigeria turns indigenous African patterns and  prints into gracefully, sexy swim wears.

You’ll love this Africanistas! See photos below:

OSE-1-e1462988261836OSE-2-e1462988665316OSE-3-e1462988718905OSE-4-e1462988360515 (1)OSE-5-e1462988390546OSE-6-e1462988762491OSE-7-e1462988624586OSE-8-e1462988822348OSE-9-e1462988870222OSE-10-e1462988916939




To know more about the designer visit her page on Instagram: @ofuure

Shoot Credits:
Photography: Jeremy Rodney-Hall @jeremyrodneyhall
Assistants: Yvonne @yvonne_ben & Zara @its_zara_
Models: Gershona @herapatra & Mofe @mofe_t




Photo Credits:



2 Comments Add yours

  1. UByDesign says:

    You are right, they are absolutely adorable!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Africanista says:

      The designer is indeed creative in her designs. Thanks a lot for commenting and showing love for her work.


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