Sizzling Hot Jewelry Collections By Toubab Paris!


OMG! These Afrocentric pieces of well-crafted awesomeness by Parisian Jewelry label “Toubab Paris” are just the life of me !

Don’t know about you, but I want…

As culled from their web page:

 The word toubab comes from toubib, a term used to describe the first European doctors who arrived in Senegal. Although the word is sometimes pejoratively associated with the notion of colonization, toubab in West Africa designates a foreigner, regardless of nationality.

Toubab Paris creations are an expression of shimmering colors, heterogeneous materials and graphic patterns that make
each piece unique and singular. Whether worn as bodily ornaments, iconic objects or to illuminate your day, these expressive jewels will enhance
your routine while sparking interest and inquisitiveness around you.

Anyway Africanistas, view more of that awesomeness in photos below:


40-zelma3-gd-koro1 - Copy4-melimelo1 - Copy5-mara1 - Copy6-anisu-toutakai - Copy7-Anao-jeronimo- - Copy9-first-gold - Copy10-toutenfleur - Copy11-toutenchainettes - Copy12-fima1 - Copy14-kala-touco-sepcinq - Copy15-langa-koulikolo - Copy16-mandela1 - Copy18-corail-touglam - Copy21-firifiri - Copy23-julu - Copy24-karobe- - Copy25-waalii - Copy26-book-redsun - Copy27-toutenpompon28-toumaya29-neige30-book-marabout-31-zebre33-book-toutensombrero34-book-colibri35-toutenpapillon-opera37-book-rosa-dolce39-bahiako-toutendragon-aborigin



To know more about the brand and to shop you may visit the brand’s parent website :


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