Hair Crush Monday: Meet The Quann Sisters And Their Hair Secrets!


If there’s one thing among many that the Quann Sisters have become famous for over the past few years it’s their incredibly long, thick natural black hair!

The first time I saw the stylish twins Cypriana and T.K. on cyberspace, I said to myself “Nah, that’s gotta be an Afro kinky weave. ”

But nope, it is indeed all their hair!

As told by Cosmo: The New York-based twins are, along with equally gorgeous Austin-based Nikisha Brunson, the women behind the Urban Bush Babes, a lifestyle site that has 350,000 weekly visitors. Since 2011, Cipriana and Nikisha (TK, a musician who goes by TK Wonder, joined in a year and a half ago) have been blogging about music, lifestyle, fashion, art, food, and, most notably, hair. Between the three women, they’ve been featured in Vogue, Glamour, and Essence, and collaborated with brands such as Gap, Rebecca Minkoff, and Carol’s Daughter.


Their hair journey has become a blogsphere sensation considering that once upon a time they were once teased by contemporaries for their hair.

Well, what was once a reason to be bullied has become one of their greatest style victories as they have become a force of nature, gracing the covers of top magazines and endorsing brands while at it.

These Naturalistas be slaying all the way from Brooklyn, New York to far continents!



And sharing hair care secrets while at it…



Giulietta - Front Row & Backstage - Fall 2016 New York Fashion Week


Here are tips they’ve given so far on their natural hair care routine:




Cypriana: Realize that no one’s hair is alike. Hair is like a fingerprint. To give an example, me and my sister, we’re identical twins, born from the same damn egg and split into two — how cool is that! But yeah, we have slightly different texture. With natural hair, you have to be very patient in taking care of it and you have to realize that natural hair does grow. I think that’s definitely a misconception, especially with women of color and natural hair, that our hair does not grow. It’s just that you can’t really see the growth because of the curly texture of the strands so just be patient. Your hair is growing at a normal rate. [And] at the end of the day, you are not your hair.



Nikisha: Your hair should kind of be an extension of showing your personality a bit, so be fun with it. Try to use natural products, products without harsh chemicals. All natural oils are good for everybody, all hair types. I’m huge on that.


Here are the kinds of hair oils they have used often in their hair journey:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Rosemary Oil
  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Oiling has been known to contribute vastly to natural hair growth as they help to seal in the moisture in the strands and contain vitamins  that nourish the scalp . Some of these oils also have anti dandruff properties plus anti oxidants.They also add extra sheen and lustre!



In the words of Cyprianna from their site she mentions Dry Finger Detangling as part of her her care regimen: “Wow if I were to write my own 10 commandments of natural hair then dry finger detangling would be at the top of the list. Finger detangling has helped depleted unnecessary breakage that a comb could not, no matter how gentle I was in combing. With your fingers you literally are able to feel knots that you may be able to detangle that a comb would simply break. In addition to finger detangling I also finger detangle my hair in its dry state. “






A break down of their hair beauty routine:

  • Oils (E.g Coconut Oil) are used regularly help seal in moisture, especially on the ends
  • They “dust” the ends every other week or so (that’s when you snip off just above the split ends to keep your hair healthy), as well as detangle every week (TK Wonder detangles every week, Cipriana every two weeks)
  • They wear a silk scarf to sleep in order to “retain moisture in natural hair”



“For us natural hair is just a state of being….”




Protective Styling/Loose Twists

Cyprianna: “Loose twist is a technique I have created to incorporate protective styling while still achieving the look and feel of wearing my hair sans a protective style. As my hair has grown longer this technique enables me the freedom of low manipulation which is why I can detangle every 3 to 4 weeks versus if I wore my hair freeform, despite the hair being placed in and updo style the strands would go in locking mode. The individual twists help to control the locking.”



Here are things Cypriana  told Black Girl Long Hair about what not to do to your hair. In other words, behold the hair mistakes they learned from:

Hair Care Donts!

High Manipulation: My hands were constantly in my hair trying to mold the perfect fro therefore I would constantly pull and tug on my strands to give my fro shape and since shrinkage is a huge factor when it comes to my strands the tugging action was on a constant basis to achieve more length.

Not Protective Styling: Protective styling for me in the years of DA (during the afro) was pretty much non-existent which created havoc on my strands. I noticed my hair became a lot drier and prone to breakage. My hair may be fragile but it is not weak and there was no reason for my strands to be snapping off because of constant split ends and excessive dryness.
Over use of products: The act of placing oils constantly onto my strands was my way of producing less of a desert like feeling amongst my strands which in return only resulted in more dryness because of the smothering of product overload.

Wet detangling:  . All this stretching along all your points of potential breakage with added manipulation of pulling during detangling can cause high risk of breakage but like anything in life there are those with kinky textures who prefer wet detangling but lawd knows I am not one of them. It really just depends on the individual.

‘The state of my hair changed tremendously for the better when I began to exercise the complete opposite of all of the previous mentioned which in turn created less manipulation more length, thickness and health’.



Oh well Africanistas, if it makes us all feel any better; the Quann twins have been  with their virgin hair for 7 and 12 years or so respectively.

But you can’t put asides the crucial lessons from their hair journey. One of them being ; if you care for your God given natural mane it will grow and you will glad for it.

So which one  of the hair growth and maintenance tips have you taken note of?




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