Prints Mix Inspirations: 11 Ways You Can Combine Stripes And Patterns Without Ending Up A Fashion Disaster!

A few years ago, wearing stripes over prints or pairing different patterns would have been seen as a major fashion faux pas.

But since fashion is dynamic, prints mixes are now a thing. But only those who know how to pull it off, get it right. There is a thin line between a stylish print mix combination and a tacky try.

Nothing beats a perfect print mix. It’s a duff-my-hat worthy sight to see a fashionista who nailed it. And  from seeing how they pulled it off with a few tips we all can learn how to masterfully have fun with the prints and stripes in our closet.

Ok Africanistas, here we go:

Carribean-American pop diva, Rihanna begins this series with this expertly done trend setting signature look!


Veteran stylist and journalist Esther Quek takes it up a colorful notch!


A simple yet daring match by this fashionista!


Lashoundra Young knows how to work it!


And this elegant piece from a Vlisco collection adds a few touches of embroidery to the mix!


D’Piper Twins Winter Collection earlier in the year was literally a fabulous prints party!


And the party goes on & on…


And for how you can achieve this elegant slay with your prints/patterns and stripes here are some buzzfeed tips:


What’s your favourite prints mix?


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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Esther says:

    Always had issues with mixing prints. But these photos are giving me ideas.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Africanista says:

      Glad they inspired you! Blessings & love.


  2. Wao! Awsome! My sister must read this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Africanista says:

      Glad you find the ideas awesome!


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