Turban Tuesday: 7 Stunning Velvet Turbans Plus 2 Easy Tutorials!


It’s Turban Tuesday on The Africanista  and today we explore the rise & rise of the stunning velvet Turban.

From shimmering gold, rivetting peach, lush army green, electrifying pink, royal purple, wine red and a host of other captivating hues, these reigning vintage, Afro-Arabica inspired retro pieces go way back but you know  fashion is synonymous with ever revolving dynamism.

Velvet turbans are trending and Africanistas are having fun with experimenting with these headbands in different shades of colors and sometimes topped with gemstones or a classy brooch.

Loving the way fashion entrepreneur Abaya Lagos By Salihat portrayed the glory of the perfectly designed and well-tied velvet turban in her “Desert Bloom” Collection:




abaya-lagos_velvet_turbans_thafricanista-1abaya-lagos_velvet_turbans_thafricanista (7).jpgabaya-lagos_velvet_turbans_thafricanista (8).jpgabaya-lagos_velvet_turbans_thafricanista (9).jpgabaya-lagos_velvet_turbans_thafricanista (10).jpg





And for those who would love to learn how to tie a classic velvet turban here are two easy tutorials each with distinct ideas by fashion vlogger Annam Ahmad and fashionista  Heidi’s Invention .






To know more about the fashion brand in my post  or place an order for one of their head bands contact abayalagos@gmail.com or call: +234 907 753 6836

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  1. They look adorable. Love them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Africanista says:

      Thanks Teslim! Honored.


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