AMVCA 2022: Celebrities Who Brought Drama & Trauma To The Red Carpet šŸ¤Æ

The African Magic Viewers Choice Awards promised to be a thrill but this year offered a shocking slice of thriller as side dish to the main awards event.

Some celebrities known for their constant daring style at red carpets decided that they would take it up a notch at this year’s AMVCA. Get ready Africanistas as we take you below to the Halloween side of the show featuring:

Celebrity stylist Tiannah steps out giving spooktastic overlord vibes in a Victorian gown tapered with a crafted bull’s head. Elegance with a touch of moo! šŸ‘Œ
Popular socialite Pretty Mike had this statement  to make in a flowing, glorious robe with a gem, encrusted halo. This costume has anime villain aura written over it. And the pose he strikes, would make Darth Vader, blush envy green.
And just when we thought we had seen it all. Kim Kardashian is that you? šŸ˜®
Lights on pls. And omg as we behold the emperor of red carpet drama Denrele Edun who decides to play the human chandelier in swirling lights. There’s something rather familiar about this costume…šŸ¤”

Make way for the Princess Of Africcow! Witty entertainer and popular influencer James Brown, who has dubbed himself the above title showed up in his drag alter as creamy, poshy Tudor royalty. God save the queen! šŸ˜
Lights out as BBnaija Ifuennenda floats in an ancestral black flowing ensemble. If there is a meaning to the archeological fossil faces, perhaps you can help unlock the code Africanistas. šŸ˜¶
Purple rose garden, fairy god mother? Nicely played, diva. Cheers! šŸ„‚

If attention was what they wanted, well they got it! Or what do you think? šŸ˜œ

Image Credits


Bella Naija

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