Makeup Tricks: A Spotless Look In 4 Easy Steps!

Ever wondered why that concealer or powder hasn’t done much to hide those stubborn facial blemishes no matter how much you apply?

The very aim of a concealer and powder cake combo is to achieve a flawless look. Anything less defeats the whole aim .

Style Persona: Sincerely Maryam!

The way she wears her looks is reminiscent of the quote by Coco Chanel: “Simplicity is the keynote of all elegance”.

There is really something about Maryam’s style …

Take a peek at some of her best style statements below:

25 Crowning Hair Styles! For The Goddess Effect…

Some still say it’s a Man’s world?

Yeah right

Here are 25 classic , crowning hair styles that remind us of our royalty.

Perfect Tiaras fit for the imperfectly perfect earth woman, goddess, queen…!

Hottest Trending Make Up Styles And Colors That Ruled 2015

When it comes to eye make up, the ancient Egyptian inspired “Cat’s Eye” ruled this year. 2015 also witnessed a rise in strong lip and nail color palettes like indigo, violet, blue and purple.   A year ago, many ladies would have cringed at the thought of rocking hot violet lips , royal purple or…