Belles Of The Ball: 21 Trendy Ways To Rock This Season In A Flowing Outfit

What better way to commemorate this season than to step out in a hot flowing number!

Twirling outfits are largely reminiscent of the Victorian era, associated with ballrooms and then ballet . Now they can be associated with any Africanista who wishes to resurrect her inner Victorian.

House Of Deola Presents: The Breathtaking “Komole Kandids” Series 2

Award winning Nigerian fashion icon, Deola Ade Ojo; pioneer of the design label “House Of Deola” has launched her new line of classic wears , a sophomore addition to her Komole Kandids series. There are no words to describe the finesse and the glam in the tailoring, designs and the purity of the choice of fabrics.
Feast on the inspiration!

Celebrating Exquisiteness: Christie Brown’s Winter 2015 Collection

Christie Brown’s  Winter 2015  collection titled “Coupe De Classe”  emerges with fiery, exquisite pieces carving out  strength with softness channelled via  the feminine curves of  award winning model Victoria Michaels. Kudos to the Creative director, and founder of the brand, Aisha Ayensu for this excellent splay of Afrocentric, contemporary fashion.     For more info about…