Style Persona: 20 Shades Of Folake Kuye Huntoon

Her fashion site, Style is equally popular for her daily look updates with her style oozing lots of Oomph and all that classy gal magic.

What’s your best look in all 2o shades of style by Folake Kuye Huntoon?

Oh! It’s Maki – What It Means To Be A Black Woman As Defined By Maki Oh’s Fall 2016 Collection

What does it mean to be a black woman?
Well, here’s how Maki Oh answered the question!

Maki Oh’s Fall 2016 collection explores womanism from the Afro-centered perspective, celebrating feminine nuances, mannerisms and expressiveness and she has shown that she is not afraid to delve into uncharted terrains.

House Of Deola Presents: The Breathtaking “Komole Kandids” Series 2

Award winning Nigerian fashion icon, Deola Ade Ojo; pioneer of the design label “House Of Deola” has launched her new line of classic wears , a sophomore addition to her Komole Kandids series. There are no words to describe the finesse and the glam in the tailoring, designs and the purity of the choice of fabrics.
Feast on the inspiration!

Turbaned Queens With Street Style Cred: See How They Slay…

View style ideas of how you can blend head wraps, Scarves and all manner of ‘turbanly’ mane coverings with street style fashion. In other words, this is how you take to the streets with your turban and get the streets talking about it. It is not everyday we find Africanistas who can rock a head…

Spring/Summer 2016 Collection: “Inspiration Hétérogéné” By Nouva Couture

In case you missed it Africanistas! Check out this new  glamour in fabrics and print by Nigerian womenswear fashion label Nouva Couture  which had been unveiled for this Spring/Summer 2016 titled  “Inspiration Hétérogéné“. Channeling the pieces is the delectable former Miss Tourism- Powede Lawrence. The idea for the fabrics were created by designer Bolaji Ayinde  The  collection is…

Celebrating Exquisiteness: Christie Brown’s Winter 2015 Collection

Christie Brown’s  Winter 2015  collection titled “Coupe De Classe”  emerges with fiery, exquisite pieces carving out  strength with softness channelled via  the feminine curves of  award winning model Victoria Michaels. Kudos to the Creative director, and founder of the brand, Aisha Ayensu for this excellent splay of Afrocentric, contemporary fashion.     For more info about…

Reinventing African Pride: Vlisco Wants You To “THINK”

African fabrics manufacturing company , Vlisco unveils their new  collection “THINK”. Reinventing African pride in a splash of unique patterns and prints; yellow, blue, green, red, pink, purple, orange and brown, this new Vlisco line of fabrics is an inspiration to all Africanistas.  Express your personality!        

Boho Chic 101: Slayer’s Guide

The Boho Chic look is a classic which never goes out of fashion. There is no vogue or out of vogue with going Boho. Inspired by a plethora of  ethnic cultural styles from  Eurocentric bohemian Gypsies, North American Indians,  ancient Persians to African tribal nomads like the Masai and the Fulanis.. This look has been…

Power Dressing: 7 Basic Rules For Women

Power dressing can be defined as “the practice of dressing in a style intended to show that one holds an important position in business, politics, etc.” But it’s not just politicians and models that need to dress to impress, branding is becoming a powerful weapon, essential to those who want to make an impact and…