How To Walk Smart On Heels Without Straining Your Feet

Ever walked into a function and everyone is telling you how magnificent your shoes are and you smile through hidden agony and say “Thanks”. Here are tips to end the strain and begin the graceful walk in heels you always wished you could achieve:

Belles Of The Ball: 21 Trendy Ways To Rock This Season In A Flowing Outfit

What better way to commemorate this season than to step out in a hot flowing number!

Twirling outfits are largely reminiscent of the Victorian era, associated with ballrooms and then ballet . Now they can be associated with any Africanista who wishes to resurrect her inner Victorian.

25 Crowning Hair Styles! For The Goddess Effect…

Some still say it’s a Man’s world?

Yeah right

Here are 25 classic , crowning hair styles that remind us of our royalty.

Perfect Tiaras fit for the imperfectly perfect earth woman, goddess, queen…!

Turbaned Queens With Street Style Cred: See How They Slay…

View style ideas of how you can blend head wraps, Scarves and all manner of ‘turbanly’ mane coverings with street style fashion. In other words, this is how you take to the streets with your turban and get the streets talking about it. It is not everyday we find Africanistas who can rock a head…

Spring/Summer 2016 Collection: “Inspiration Hétérogéné” By Nouva Couture

In case you missed it Africanistas! Check out this new  glamour in fabrics and print by Nigerian womenswear fashion label Nouva Couture  which had been unveiled for this Spring/Summer 2016 titled  “Inspiration Hétérogéné“. Channeling the pieces is the delectable former Miss Tourism- Powede Lawrence. The idea for the fabrics were created by designer Bolaji Ayinde  The  collection is…