Green Tea For Weight Loss: The Facts And The Fiction!





Planning on drinking Green Tea to loose weight? Then you should read this?

It is a researched and proven fact that Green tea is the healthiest beverage on the planet.

Packed with antioxidants and nutrients that have incredible effects on the body like detoxication,correction of inner chemical imbalances
and improvement of overall body performance.

Other powerful effects of Green Tea consumption include: includes improved brain function, fat loss via speeding up the metabolism, a
lower risk of cancer, reduced cholestrol levels as well as staving off hunger pangs which cause over eating.

But you can’t just hop on the Green Tea drinking for weight loss band wagon just yet without knowing the facts on the best way to have the
kind of tea you intend on having in order to achieve the desired results!



Fact 1:  Achieving weight loss with Green Tea is dependent on the type of Tea and your dosage. For the regular Green Tea which can come in various flavors, plus fruit and plant based additives E.g. With Spear Mint, Ginger and Lemon, Honey and Ginger etc, you may have to up your intake to get the desired effects on your weight. Reports on Samantha Reese the 30 year old mom from Salford, Greater Manchester who shrunk from a massive size 18 to a slender size 10 has long since been a sensation . And how did she loose over a hundred pounds in one year? By taking 9 cups of green tea in a day.

Samantha Reese ( Before)


Are you ready to consume that much quantity of Green tea in a space of 24 hrs? Well, buckle up sisters…

Samantha Reese  (Now)

“I look better now than I did in my twenties,” Samantha says. “Some people swear by eating five portions of fruits and vegetables a day.

For me, it’s drinking nine cups of green tea.”

She also added that one of the major effects green tea has had on her life style was curbing her once explosive appetite leading her to snacking much less.

As culled from The Redbook Mag:

While Samantha seems to attribute much of her success to the healthy drink, Katherine Zeratsky, R.D.N.,
L.D., an instructor of nutrition at Mayo Clinic, says that lowering her calorie intake was probably the biggest factor in Samantha’s weight
loss journey. Although caffeine in green tea can jump-start your metabolism, it wouldn’t be enough to produce significant weight loss
results, says Zeratsky.

“If you are drinking lots of fluids, these liquids will fill you up and send a regulatory hormone to your brain that tells it that you
aren’t hungry, which could mean you eat less,” Zeratsky explains. “Also, if you’re well-hydrated, your body won’t confuse hydration with
being hungry which could also lead to consuming less…But, ultimately, a balanced diet and exercise are the most important.”

Zeratsky also added that while drinking nine cups of green tea might not cause any large health issues, it’s best to be cautious and not
“over do a good thing.”

Still, Samantha is sticking to her green tea routine and thanks each and every cup for her success.

“Now my cups of green tea get me through the day,” Samantha says. “For me, it’s not a fad, it’s a lifestyle.”


However, While you may need to pile up the amounts for milder Tea, Green Teas with stronger properties must be taken in moderation as they may cause digestive reactions in some if taken beyond required amount per day. For stronger Tea compositions like those containing powerful plant based catalysts such as Moringa Olifera and Oolong Tea for intance there is usually a prescription in the labels for dosage and they usually go from once a day and not usually more than thrice in a day depending on the product.

Fact 2: The market is over flowing with all kinds of slim tea brands and miracle tummy reduction beverages of the strong Tea composition and you need to not only read directives before purchase and usage but also make inquiries as to their side effects. Caution should be exercised so as to avoid the adverse error of binging on Teas with heavy properties. Or worse still drinking a substandard possibly harmful fraud. Any Green Tea brand with the label “Slim or Fat Reduction” will most definitely have strong properties and should be consumed as prescribed in it’s label. Always take note of their properties and never overlook  given dosage and precautions.

Debunking The Fiction

There are many who have the belief that once they melt off their excess body fat with Green Tea intake, then they would remain slim permanently. The fact to nullify this fiction remains that maintaining a reduced calorie diet by taking only smaller
portions of meals, eating larger amounts of fruits and vegetables each day and possibly working out a few times a week will help make the weight loss permanent.

Or you can make the Green Tea drinking habit a lifestyle like Samantha did for the appetite staving effects.

But a word of caution: Any Green Tea that acts as though it were a laxative (And by this, I mean any tea that purges you immediately after you take it)  like Diarrhea as part of it’s process should definitely not be binged on or turned into a continuous adventure as the underlying dangers to your system cannot be quantified.



Another myth is that Green tea can help you loose weight fast. The truth is that you have to be patient. If it melts off the fat too fast via excess stooling  then you should be careful what tea you are drinking as such weight lost fast can be gained back as quickly as it left. The standard teas for weight loss curb appetite  not break down fats by sending you to the loo once you gulp them. Green Tea speeds up metabolism and stimulates the more intensive burning of fat. However, you cannot expect your body to work as a machine, even though it is additionally stimulated to get rid of fat deposits. Hence, you can expect to get the desired slimming results after consuming green tea for some time on a daily basis. It is also important for you to rely on healthy diet and exercise. Green tea can help you with the latter too. It can improve your energy giving you the capacity to lengthen your work-outs.

Interested in the Samantha challenge?  You should consume no more than 3 to 6 cups per day. Once you get used to the beverage, you can increase the number to 10 cups per day.
Finally, it can be derived from all this that the consumption of green tea for weight loss or other health benefits will definitely give desired results without causing side effects, when the intake is as reasonably stipulated.


So Africanistas, any questions?





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  1. lexilife says:

    9 cups a day!?! Surely she was just passing everything straight through!? Haha sorry, just couldn’t do that one xx

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    1. Africanista says:

      Lol, she probably was too determined to notice. But it did work for her that is. To loose all that weight, her body probably needed all those 9 cups. As a matter of choice, how many cups though would you rather drink in a day for all the health benefits ?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. lexilife says:

        I think 3 is a good number. Breakfast lunch and dinner! 4 at a push xx

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  2. Love this, thank you ❤

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    1. Africanista says:

      You’re welcome!

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  3. Aminalove says:

    Please How can I get mine In Turkey ? I need it pls for my weight loss and stomach flat

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    1. Africanista says:

      Thanks a lot for taking time to read. Glad I inspired your interest. Brands like Dogus Herbal Green Tea, Caykur Green Tea, Lipton Green Tea and Lipton Slim Plus Tea etc are most likely available in your region. Such green tea brands and more can be gotten from online shops and retail stores near you.
      Hope you find any that suits your Tea tastes. Blessings & love!


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