Hottest Trending Make Up Styles And Colors That Ruled 2015

When it comes to eye make up, the ancient Egyptian inspired “Cat’s Eye” ruled this year. 2015 also witnessed a rise in strong lip and nail color palettes like indigo, violet, blue and purple.   A year ago, many ladies would have cringed at the thought of rocking hot violet lips , royal purple or…

Celebrating Exquisiteness: Christie Brown’s Winter 2015 Collection

Christie Brown’s  Winter 2015  collection titled “Coupe De Classe”  emerges with fiery, exquisite pieces carving out  strength with softness channelled via  the feminine curves of  award winning model Victoria Michaels. Kudos to the Creative director, and founder of the brand, Aisha Ayensu for this excellent splay of Afrocentric, contemporary fashion.     For more info about…

Curvy Fashion: Best Styles For Plus Size Ladies

So you gained a few pounds and your clothes no longer fit making you wonder if you are about to become a fashion disaster? Fear not, my royal plumpness! Even as you work on your weight better love yourself while at it. Reject the self hate and put downs for they will get you nowhere….

Reinventing African Pride: Vlisco Wants You To “THINK”

African fabrics manufacturing company , Vlisco unveils their new  collection “THINK”. Reinventing African pride in a splash of unique patterns and prints; yellow, blue, green, red, pink, purple, orange and brown, this new Vlisco line of fabrics is an inspiration to all Africanistas.  Express your personality!