Afro Hair Care Secrets: How To Achieve Sleek, Chunky Twist-Outs With High Curl Definition!

Ever wondered why your twist outs don’t ever get to look like this?



Or like this…

And despite watching all those YouTube and Insta Tutorials, you never quite understood why your own efforts at Bantu knots or twists don’t ever turn
out like the bomb trend setting naturalistas you’ve always admired online.



Worry no more on this Africanista…

In twisting out your natural hair, here are things you are doing or not doing right .



The perfect set of twist outs usually emerge as a cross between curls and dreadlocks.

So if it ain’t curly it ain’t a perfect twist out yet!

To get your twist outs exquisitely popping here are things you will need:

1 – The right products
2 – The right moisturizing habits


1 – The right ingredients you will need include:
Hair butter and  Curl Shaping Gel.

I use Ossat Naturals form And Hold Wax as my hair butter and Ossat Naturals shaping Gelly when doing my twist outs and the results have been so far excellent but there are still other hair products that can you can use as long as they are butters and gelly no pun intended.

Shea butter is definitely the mother of all hair butters. Asides from being a great foundation for curl formation it is also the best
natural product your hair can have to achieve utmost softness, edge control detangling and effortless combing. If you say your hair is hard to comb or manage then Shea Butter should top your shopping list.

For your curl shaping jelly, you can also try a curl activator gel. A stiff hold gel is out of the question. Don’t even go there! But a soft,
curl enhancing light hold gel is simply fantastic! There are Weave-On Suger Gloss gels in yellow plastic bottles I buy in Lagos E.g Medicare. The great thing about these Super gloss gels is that that asides from making curly weaves shine, they bring out the curls and the
luster in my twist outs like nothing I ever imagined.
2 – Every knowledgeable naturalista knows that the secret to easy, soft manageable black hair lies in 2 words : “constant moisturizing”

You need to put those gels and oils in your hand bag hon and keep those twists constantly lubricated everywhere you go. 3 or 4 times a day your afro must receive ample moisturizing. And the ultimate advantage to twisted out hair is you don’t have to comb your hair for at least 2 weeks. A protective style of it’s own league.

After your twist outs are done, you will need to be mindful of the kind of moisturizers you use. You may need to avoid all those hair creams that leave streaky white patches and save them for later when your twist outs are washed and combed out. Twisted out hair strands require moisturizers that promote softness and sheen.

Moisturize with curl activating, shaping gels . Hair moisturizing lotions like Curl Keeper; Otto Keunis Morrocan Argan Oil Curl Cream is equally
super and can turn your curls into a milky way of sheer softness.
Once you have the right hair butter and curling gel as well as the right kinds of moisturizers as stipulated above then you are ready for your perfect twist out curls.



1. Shampoo and condition your hair. Wash and pat dry with a towel.

2. Comb out your hair ensuring that it is tangle free.

3. Apply your hair butter ( Shea butter or Ossat Naturals form, Hold Hair Wax or whatever hair butter brand you’ve got) generously into
your hair making sure all parts of your hair receive it’s care.

4. Rub in your shaping gelly ( Ossat Naturals Shaping gelly or any Curl Activator gel product you have).

5. Twist out your hair in many separate links. Don’t Twist all the way to the bottom as you will have a hard time separating those pieces when it is time to unravel your twists.


Avoid linking un-connected hair that is; taking hair from one section and merging with the other asyou work your way down each twist as it can create tangles when untwisting. For each, take two strands and form a twisted loc. Ensure that they are as moderately sized as possible. For short hair, smaller twists create finer well defined curls.

You can also twist it flat out.


Or 3 strands if you like depending on your hair length and preference.

6. Cover with a skull cap or hair net and leave to set overnight.

7. When you wake up, apply more shaping jelly to soften twists and enhance curls further.

8. Gently untwist your locs, strand by strand.


After the unraveling, fluff your hair lightly by pulling up the twists at the roots but not too much as to prevent
ruining your curl definition.

9. Moisturize with a curl cream or curl defining lotion (like the aforementioned E.g Curl Keeper; Otto Keunis Morrocan Argan Oil Curl Cream

And you are good to go!



More Maintenance tips!

  • Always apply your gels and moisturizers with your hands swirling in a circular motion as that promotes further curl definition.
  • While supplying your hair with  daily growth moisturizers and oils as you enjoy your twist outs, avoid streaky, whitish -trail -leaving creams that take the shine off your popping, curly fro.
  • Remember to moisturize your twist outs as regularly as you would a plain afro because they flake and loose their curliness if left dry and untended.
  • For your twist outs, aim for moisturizing lotions and creams which enhance hair softness, curl and sheen.





And guess what, twist outs work for not only natural Afro hair but can be achieved with straight and treated strands as well.


So , how’s your hair going to look like this week?





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