Glam It Up: Top 10 Coolest Fashion Inspired Hacks Of The Week

Take a look at these fashion inspired hacks that can literally glam up your life!


  1. Getting chilled up in your distressed jeans or simply bored with the usual look? Try wearing tights/leggings under them. Whether print, lace or plaid etc you will definitely look different and fabulous!





2. Turn a large scarf into a classy  wrap skirt!




3. Instead of trashing those used Pringles packs , turn them into pasta storage containers. Just use some super glue and some Ankara material and there you have it…!




4. Transform those boring slippers or sandals into a glamorous affair with a lovely material of choice , preferably silk or satin. Cut the fabric in two equal strips with scissors and then start to wrap up your footwear like this…!



5. Give your arm a scarf to remember!



6. Add a bit of scarf to that handbag!



7. Old denim? Recycle them into organizers. You cut off a few pockets and you paste..



Or you cut and sew into a fine strip for your handy items e.g pens, keys, work tools, make-up etc.



8. Still on old denim. Ever watched the movie; Transformers?

This is what a Denim Megatron looks like…! Handbags never came so easy.


Yep! This easy.



9. Add a print or lacy detail to your slacks , shorts or skirts for a whole new different appearance!


All you need is that extra material, scissors, needle and some thread.

You can take the fabrics and your idea to a nearby tailor if that works best for you.




10. Tush up that plain straw hat with a glam satin or silk scarf!




You can also glue beads or flowers if you like!




Great ideas yeah?



Photo Credits:

wwww.your next shoes .com

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  1. The styles are amazing! Great job done here!

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    1. Africanista says:

      Thank you so much!

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