Curvy Crush Wednesday: Esther Nakitende Nagawa! Stylish Plus Size Model, Bold Naturalista.

Have you seen her?  Lady Nakitende with the golden confidence?

Well now you do…! (39)

Freelance plus-sized model and 35 year old mother of 3 children, Esther Nakitende Nagawa has proven herself to be more than just a package of bodacious curves and incredible natural hair.

She is indeed a style persona that is impossible to hide with a shinning personality of striking  proportions.

Madame Nagawa, popularly known as Esther Nakitende by fans and admirers was born & raised in Mukono, Uganda and the last born of 5 children.

Currently based in Toronto, Canada with her family, this symbol of body confidence has made a grand life for herself modelling. She also runs a small scale fashion  business marketing clothes to plus size women as well as styling.

 This part-time student of Community Development is a style star in her own right as she amasses over a hundred thousand fans online who are inspired simply by her carriage, confidence, fashion sense, poise, charm and overall attitude to life.

“Excuse me, your hair is blocking my view … Honey, My hair is the view! …” (31)

Esther works hard and works out regularly to stay fit. She is also confident in her body and weight.

Here are some of her best stylish looks yet along with tit-bits of her one on one chat  with Memoirs Of A Princess (7)

“I have always loved fashion & all that it entails. When I moved to Toronto I had access to beautiful clothes, shoes, accessories etc & I began to post pictures of myself on Facebook. As time went on, I caught the eyes of various different plus size store owners who realized that when I wore their clothes it reached a large audience of plus size women. I began to get calls to do photo shoots & runway shows for various plus size designers. Although the plus size industry is fairly new I have faith that eventually the fashion world will realize we are here to stay and we may be plus size but we also love to look beautiful and sexy.” (36) (33) (32)

“To me beauty is what makes me feel good about myself……beauty is happiness… children are beauty personified, beauty is when I achieve something I thought I could not……beauty is encouraging another woman to feel better about herself. Physical beauty is easy to achieve for anyone. We live in a society of makeup, fantastic clothing, shoes, accessories & hair extensions & of course plastic surgery. It’s how or what you use your beauty for that matters. After all we all know as we age so does our physical appearance.” (37) (23) (3) (2).jpg

“Modelling has given me so much confidence. I am confident in my fashion choices & have learned about what makes me look good. I am contacted by many plus size women especially from Africa who want advice on being confident because they are made to feel unattractive due to their size. Most important is that modelling has made me realize that beauty is subjective. What may be attractive to one may be unattractive to another. That’s okay because beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, & colors.” (34) (28) (5).jpg (4) (9) (13) (15) (16) (4) (18) (22) (6) (8) (1) (7) (2) (3) (5) (21) (25) (27) (30) (35)

“The advice I would give to young girls is to first and foremost love themselves as they are. If your body type is plus size you need to embrace that. People will always have opinions about you – most will be negative & vicious – ignore those opinions surround yourself with people who build you up not knock you down, people who give you constructive criticism. Never take the negative comments personal. Get ready for endless rejections after model calls. Get ready to be judged for your size. People think plus size people are lazy & unhealthy. We work out, we eat healthy & according to our physicians we are healthy but we are still judged. Young girls in this generation will have it harder because social media has made us all connected. We see endless photos of celebrities who were once proudly plus size loosing weight to conform to Hollywood standards. We need to try and be happy with ourselves rather than trying to attain the unattainable…” (38) (40) (4) (42) (43) (44) (41)

“I have developed a thick skin because it is a fact that I am in an industry that judges you because of your physical attributes – you may be attractive to one designer & another designer prefers a different look. It’s part of life. In addition as a woman from Africa I have faced a lot of judgment because of my weight. Dressing up in sexy fitted clothes is frowned upon. Wearing a swim suit is an abomination of major proportions. If a slimmer woman of the same age wore the same outfit or swim suit it’s accepted. Why are we so ashamed of our bodies just because we are plus size?…” (14) (47) (48)

“My hopes and dreams for the future is to empower plus size women into believing in themselves. I also would like fashion shows to reflect the real woman. It’s proven that the average woman is curvy…..why do fashion houses only advertise clothes for skinny young girls? ?? My hope for the future is acceptance from main stream media that we are here to stay…” (49)

Big hair, big curves, super big confidence…! (1).jpg

Well, what do you think?

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    How can I order

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    1. Africanista says:

      Based on the other post you mean? Order here:


  2. Elorm Yankah says:

    She’s so beautiful. And those curves! 😍😍😍

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    1. Africanista says:

      Like seriously! She is so on point with those curves…

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  3. Kelly McGee says:

    Omg,I want my next girlfriend to look just like her

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    1. Africanista says:

      Yup! I can totally relate!


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