12 Simple & Stylish Ways To Wear Bold, Classy African Prints

Are you thinking of going simple yet classy in African print any day now? Well, you’re in luck! Any of these elegant styles could be just what you need.

ashikere afana - dashiki dress
Asikere afana – Dashiki style dress : Creamy chic!

Scroll for more tantalising print…

rahyma blue harem pants
Rahyma – Harem Pants : Vintage bohemian chic!
gritas portal peacock tail top
Gritas Portal – Peacock Tail Top : The classic tail detail!
gritas portal shine jacket
Gritas Portal – Shine Jacket : Lady boss perfecta!
Gritas Portal Tea Dress and coat
Gritas Portal – Tea Dress And Coat : Loving the colour combination!
Gritas Portal Trench coat and Dress
Gritas Portal – Trench Coat And Dress : Stylish and vintage!
midget giraffe 3
Midget Giraffe – Blue Inspired Print On Blue Denim : Afro chic style!
midget giraffe 4
Midget Giraffe – Peachy Brown Prints On Immaculate Slacks : Glamorous afro chic look!
midget giraffe boho soul
Midget Giraffe – Black Print Top On Black Flowing skirt: Boho soul elegance!
rahyma skirt
Rahyma : Flowing Print Skirt: A graceful , royal look!

rahyma hooded gown
Rahyma – Hooded gown – A bold style that blends chic with a bit of edge & mystery!

midget giraffe caftan
Midget Giraffe – Colourful Print Caftan : The Bold, simple look that says it all!

To order any of these African Print classics by designers: Midget Giraffe, Gritas Portal, Rahyma, and Asikere Afana   visit: http://www.zuvaa.com

In the meanwhile, stay inspired!

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