Spring/Summer 2016 Collection: “Inspiration Hétérogéné” By Nouva Couture

In case you missed it Africanistas!

Check out this new  glamour in fabrics and print by Nigerian womenswear fashion label Nouva Couture  which had been unveiled for this Spring/Summer 2016 titled  “Inspiration Hétérogéné“.

Channeling the pieces is the delectable former Miss Tourism- Powede Lawrence.

The idea for the fabrics were created by designer Bolaji Ayinde

 The  collection is however an expression of her thoughts on the meaning of life through these subjects;  places, objects, nature, colors, language and more.

With various pieces detailed for the sophisticated Nouva woman, the designs are a playground for arrays of colors featuring the ‘Hétérogéné cape set, ‘Hétérogéné shift dresses’, ‘Hétérogéné Robe’, ‘Hétérogéné Jumpsuits’ and other fabulous outfits .

Feast your senses on the pieces below:

Nouva-Couture-Spring-Summer-2016-Collection-8Nouva-Couture-Spring-Summer-2016-Collection-9Nouva-Couture-Spring-Summer-2016-Collection-10Nouva-Couture-Spring-Summer-2016-Collection-11Nouva-Couture-Spring-Summer-2016-Collection-12Nouva-Couture-Spring-Summer-2016-Collection-13Nouva-Couture-Spring-Summer-2016-Collection-14Nouva-Couture-Spring-Summer-2016-Collection-15Nouva-Couture-Spring-Summer-2016-Collection-16Nouva-Couture-Spring-Summer-2016-Collection 1Nouva-Couture-Spring-Summer-2016-Collection-2Nouva-Couture-Spring-Summer-2016-Collection-3Nouva-Couture-Spring-Summer-2016-Collection-4Nouva-Couture-Spring-Summer-2016-Collection-5Nouva-Couture-Spring-Summer-2016-Collection-6Nouva-Couture-Spring-Summer-2016-Collection-7




Photo Credit
Photography: Tobbinator (Instagram: @Tobbinator)
Makeup: Bola Beauty Wise (Instagram: @Bola_BeautyWise)
Model: Powede Lawrence (Instagram: @PowedeLawrence)
Hair: Good Hair Ltd (Instagram: @GoodHairLtd)












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