Man Code: 6 Dos And Dares Of Slaying The Boardroom

According to the Business Insider: When it comes to the “Boardroom Formal” dress code, employees are expected to project a professional image and convey executive presence, Darlene Price, president of Well Said, Inc., and author of “Well Said! Presentations and Conversations That Get Results, says. “Most often, employees following this dress code are meeting face-to-face with customers, clients, senior management, and key stakeholders in the industry who expect and require the proper protocol of professional business attire.”

The standard attire for men is a dark suit (navy, black, or charcoal), a white dress shirt, a subtle-patterned tie and socks, and black dress shoes. “I also recommend a high-quality accessory, including a wristwatch or attaché case,” di Giusto says. “Less is more.”

“Many highly intelligent, well-qualified, capable men and women are not taken seriously because ‘they don’t sell for what they’re worth,'” Price says. “A lack of professional appearance holds them back. It’s frustrating because clothing certainly does not determine one’s actual competence and credibility; it does, however, influence others’ perception of those qualities — and that reality impacts career opportunities.”

As a high level of suiting seriousness is required for this strictly official atmosphere, how can you add a sense of diversity when your job requires a constant in and out of boardroom theme?

Well, the good news is, you don’t have to look like a flock of penguins day in day out in order to be considered corporate enough.

And you can also bring out the panache in the ordinary suit and tie combo.

Here are 3 celebrity style examples with 6 boardroom fashion dos and dares to get you all inspired for work mode. Plus the messages they convey to the board before you even begin the speech to your presentation.



Filipino fashion blogger and style trend setter , Denny Balcameda sets the pace with this classic boardroom “do” in a gray suit complimented with few dark tones in socks and tie.

This look speaks of an accomplished executive in control of his universe!



Denny Balcameda then pulls a dare with a retro 1930s suave. A look that says, “I am the organisation!”

Dare word of caution:

Now this exquisite bold statement should only be pulled if you are at the top of the board food chain. (Can’t afford to piss off the big guns by outdressing ’em! )

And remember, hat on the table once the meeting or work ensues.




Nigerian connoisseur of digital marketing, brand strategist and social media professional, Paul Ezeudoh , face behind the AuraCool persona also referred to as Tweetoracle on Twitter wears the black and white ensemble which is the usual corporate out look you may well be used to. The slay however lies in the simplicity which sends a sharp decisive message across that you are respectable and of impeccable value to the organisation.



Then Paul “AuraCool”  Ezeudoh throws in a vintage retro 60s/70s savvy  in a plaid suit that can eclipse all boardroom dares without cramping the shine of the bosses. This look communicates a certain unapologetic fearlessness that appears to say;

“My uniqueness is my trump card”!




Hollywood thespian and movie icon Blair Underwood gives us the 5th “Do” in boardroom fashion with a 2 button three piece suit that speaks of completion and power.

There are no more words for this breathtakingly stylish “do” but three : Just do it!




The final dare of this series ; a dark suede blazer combo over chinos pants as set by iconic actor Blair Underwood is a welcome yay for media, communications or advertising professionals , but a deafening nay to those in the banking and finance industry.

A liberal , semi corporate look that says to the client: “I have a mindset full of ideas that will take your brand to wherever you want it to be”





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