Top Trending Fashion TikToks Of The Week

Yaaaaay Africanistas!

The Africanista fashion blog magazine today presents some of  the trending fashion videos on Tik Tok for this week.

Featuring top TikTok influencers from all over the world with the best fashion clips from the #TouchItChallenge and others. So many clothes and colours. And different shades of coolness. 🤩

Get ready to be inspired ladies and gents!

Behold the reel:

Which of the videos is your fav? 🥰

Video Credits:

@kingkeithle, @iamitom, @itslickmyfashion, @latonyasmiles, @loveisinthehair_byjanet, @shopbesida, @korschamathurin_35, @be.veronica, @denisemercedes, @ruvidal, @mmivia, @kyletheyuan, @ameliath @obi_sky

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